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No one can deny the impact technology has had on business operations across the globe. Technology has dramatically changed various aspects of marketing as conventional methods such as radio jingles are becoming obsolete.

New and innovative forms of ad placement such as social media promotion and digital signage solutions from telemetrytv.com and other industry leaders have captured the market.

What is digital signage?

You may have seen LCD screens, projections, and even LED walls that clearly show directions, market products, advertise upcoming events, and give advice. These screens are ideal examples of digital signage.

Digital signage transcends conventional billboards in Times Square, New York. They are available in restaurants, museums, parks, schools, stores and churches.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Digital signage is an effective tool for conveying information to a wider audience while entertaining them. But aside from advertising your services, there are other unique ways digital signage can benefit your business.

Offers an effective customer approach

Digital signage is an effective method to ensure your message reaches more people at a given time. Unlike static images and prints, digital signage allows you to communicate with each customer and tailor your message to their needs.

For example, many retail stores showcase their products using video content. But at your convenience and in real time, you can switch things up and view social media reviews, promotions, new products, upcoming events, and more.

Introduce the power of social proof into your display campaigns. All you need to do is update the information on your digital signage content management system, and your audience will receive the updated information in no time.

Finally, digital signage solutions help you meet your growing business needs by retaining loyal customers as your business grows.

Helps your business stand out from the competition

When customers connect with businesses through on-screen prompts and social media posts, they feel attached to the company’s successes. Smart business owners use technology to announce growth metrics such as market share, sales figures, stock prices, and other information that sets them apart from the competition.

Switching to digital signage will help you manage your online reputation, promote your brand, and trigger customer interactions to drive sales. So use the digital signage options to share the reasons why your business is taking over the market.

Provides instant promotions and sales

Digital signage can allow businesses to quickly create and display campaigns that offer mouth-watering discounts to customers. These campaigns will allow the company to quickly sell its products and restock.

A “75% off” sign will always pique customers’ interest when shopping at the mall. With digital signage, you can display these promotions inside (or outside) the mall. Displays will spread sales to more people, increasing the likelihood of the item flying off the shelf.

Another example of the advantages of digital signage is evident in the disadvantages of using older advertising methods. When companies used paper posters to market their products, they had to keep them in a safe place.

But today, digital signs are immune to most of these outside dangers, making them perfect for raising awareness of valid information.

Easy to manage

As the world is constantly changing, your marketing and advertising strategy must be flexible to meet market demands. Digital signage is manageable because it’s easy to change and update the content of a sign instead of re-launching entire campaigns.

A typical example of digital signage is the digital LED display board used in banks to show their customers the current exchange rate. These digital displays are connected to the Internet and can update information live, saving you the time and resources of manually changing information.

Can collect valuable data

Digital signage can be an effective way to gather needed information when businesses try new things. Unlike traditional signage, today you can interact with customers through social media posts and more.

Digital signage options with a CMS and internet access can record your customer’s presence through social media engagement with customers. They can also help business owners understand what customers want by posting surveys that customers can take on the spot.

Brand strategists and marketers can use the data from these surveys to restructure critical elements of a brand’s strategy to position it to better serve its audience.


Businesses need to capitalize on the vast opportunities offered by digital signage technology. Business growth has moved beyond bombarding consumers with ads and hoping something sticks.

The world of marketing has grown so big that businesses need to automate ads, collect data, and actively update public information to stay ahead of their competition. Digital signage solutions can help businesses increase sales and revitalize customer experiences.

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