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No one prays that bad things happen in their workplace. Yet we both know that it’s not uncommon for businesses to go through phases of crises, security attacks, downtime and other emergencies.

When this happens, how do you communicate with your staff?

Traditionally, the correct answer to this would have been through public address systems or sirens. But here we are in today’s world where companies have employees scattered across the globe. In an emergency, how do you instantly communicate with your staff in Los Angeles, Africa, Europe and other parts of the world?

Someone could tell via text messages, emails and stuff like that. Well that would have been fair if only people opened their email every five seconds.

The best way to communicate quickly and effectively with all employees at any time of the day or night is to use a mass communication system – something that rings out on everyone like a wake-up call.

In this article, you will see a number of reasons why this system is ideal for your business. (If you haven’t already.)

1. Improves response times

The first and most obvious reason to invest in a mass communication system is that it improves the reaction speed of your incident response teams.

For example, let’s say your company’s internet security is suddenly breached and you need to notify all users of the system to log off; sending emails or text messages may not elicit a prompt response from them.

However, sending a notification alert (like an alarm bell ringing on their phone) will surely prompt them to take action.

2. Increases efficiency levels

How many times have you had episodes of employees reacting late to orders just because they hadn’t checked their emails?

The truth is that emails are relegated to this world of digital communication. The hectic nature of our environment means that people now have so much to do – even at work – that it’s impossible to always keep track of emails.

A mass notification system, on the other hand, can blow your employees up at top speed. Thanks to it, employees can send each other notification alerts, making it almost impossible for anyone to claim to have received a late order.

3. Save the company

It only takes a few seconds for a business to be attacked on the Internet. The speed at which incident response solutions are communicated can make the difference between loss and security.

If you are in a commercial space where your business faces daily threats from attackers, investing in a mass notification system is inevitable.

4. Save lives

Again, there is only a fraction of a second between life and death. The speed at which your security response team responds to an on-site emergency can be the difference between dying and staying alive.

5. Quick employee engagement

It is true that companies try to communicate their values ​​and goals to their employees as soon as possible. Many are even investing in email sending and instant messaging apps to get the job done ASAP.

But the truth is, those metrics still depend on employees picking up their phones and reading the message. Often times, some employees may even need to be in front of their desks reading messages, which they will not have access to when in the field.

With a mass notification system, however, you can make the dissemination of information fast and instant. More like a wake-up call, employees will be drawn to the message wherever they are, taking the right action.

6. Prevents employees from ignoring messages

Naturally, when emails, texts or chats enter people’s gadgets, one can choose to read them immediately or close them for later. Often, your employees choose the latter option. Not that they do it on purpose, but mainly because of the workload they have to manage.

To make sure your employees react instantly to emergencies, you need a mass notification system. With a mass notification system, you can ask them to configure their notification tones to ring in a particular way so that when an emergency alert comes in, they know it is different from regular alerts and that it requires urgent attention.

Story by Uday Tank

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