Minister of the Treasury Susie Pinel

Deputy Susie Pinel said the companies should seek an extension and would be “considered on a case-by-case basis.”

More than £ 100million has been spent under the government’s main financial support program to subsidize staff salaries, but is expected to end in late September.

Some sectors, including the hospitality and event industries, have expressed concerns about the impact of the end of the program as the traditionally quieter months approach, after a year already disrupted due to restrictions. of Covid.

The Jersey Event, Entertainment & Nightclub Stakeholders Group, which represents several local businesses, asked for clarification on continued support for the industry. The group said this month that it had been “left in the dark and unsure of what the coming months would bring” and that the government’s response had been without commitment.

Appearing at a quarterly corporate services review group hearing yesterday, MP Pinel said the government could not approve a “general extension” because it was “just too much money”.

“This is not a bottomless fundraising pit,” she said.

Asked by panel chair Senator Kristina Moore what resources had been allocated to deal with potential nominations, MP Pinel replied that it depended on the extension and the length of time needed. Senator Moore also questioned a lack of communication with affected companies, saying there were days left until the program ended.

States Treasurer Richard Bell said officers were considering support that could be provided to businesses beyond the end of this month, but added that programs elsewhere, including the UK, have ended end of September.

He said the island was moving from a “response phase” to a “recovery phase”, which required the “right programs”.

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