Bitcoin provides a means of financial independence and is going to be around for a long time, says Allen D. Stephen, chief financial officer at Bitcoin wella company exploring new ways to facilitate the bitcoin experience for business-to-business (B2B) customers.

The growing number of use cases for bitcoin may include B2B bitcoin ATMs and increased participation in programs that offer employees a way to allocate a portion of their earnings to purchase bitcoin.

The B2B ATM the company is building includes proprietary software that will generate subscription revenue that is not limited to Canada, the company’s current market, but will allow it to have sales in the whole world. The software will be able to be installed on several types of ATMs around the world, and Stephen reported that there are currently 35,000 cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide.

“So that’s a huge market that we’re actively targeting right now, to install our software, give customers additional features, and partner with other companies,” Stephen said.

Guide people through the process

Bitcoin Well builds and uses products that provide safe and easy ways to buy, sell and use bitcoins, and was based on bitcoin ATMs in Canada. These combine the old with the new, allowing users to put fiat currency into the machine and immediately get bitcoins in their digital wallet.

“It’s our bread and butter,” Stephen said. “It gives the ordinary person – you, myself – the ability to buy, sell, and eventually use bitcoin at these ATMs.”

The company discovered that there is still a large portion of individuals who still have cash, and now they want to convert it to bitcoin.

For those new to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Well also offers a premium in-person service that walks them through how the process works and how to set up a wallet. This service is available at several locations in Canada.

“Even though setting up accounts, wallets, it’s obviously something new for a lot of us,” Stephen said. “I would say people have questions about safety and security, so our people can explain that very well.”

Ensure safety, security and financial independence

In addition to continuing these services — as well as its suite of web-based transaction services, expanding employee savings programs, and building B2B bitcoin ATMs — Bitcoin Well is looking to expand its online presence with products and bitcoin services, including launching a .

Stephen said that an important differentiator that sets Bitcoin Well apart from other platforms that can buy and sell bitcoin is that it is a noncustodial company, which means that when its customers buy bitcoin, they immediately go to their wallet. It is not found elsewhere and the customer does not have to ask the company to sell them or buy something.

“Bitcoin is owned by the end customer,” Stephen said, “and from a safety, security and financial independence perspective, we think that’s extremely important these days.”



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