The need for versatile, reliable and flexible communications in the business landscape has never been greater. For years, unified communications companies have championed the benefits of synchronizing and aligning critical tools for productivity and collaboration in the business landscape. Now that workplaces are becoming more complex and teams are increasingly distributed, unified communications are essential.

Accelerate towards an expected value of approximately $293 billion in 2027, Unified Communications promises TMT (telecommunications, media and technology) businesses and entertainment access to many benefits. With the right ecosystem, companies can unlock new levels of creativity within their teams and pave the way for endless innovation.

However, before many companies can discover the opportunities that unified communications offers on their own, they will first need to develop a business case to present to stakeholders. Here are some tips for making your business case for TMT and entertainment.

Step 1: Embrace the evolution of the workplace

For many companies in the TMT and entertainment industries, adopting innovative new tools for unified communications isn’t just an option, it’s a must. Businesses in all industries, from media to telecommunications, are moving towards an ever-changing range of work environments. Unified communications can be a critical investment in empowering these new teams.

About 99% of HR managers now say they expect some form of hybrid working to continue for years to come. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), companies can align their employees in a shared digital environment, available through the cloud.

Many companies in the TMT and entertainment industry are beginning to leverage tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom as central communication and collaboration environments to ensure that conversations and information can continue to flow freely in a world where ideas must be constantly shared. Ask yourself, without UC, can you:

  • Enable a hybrid workforce or support your remote and field employees?
  • Provide a single environment for team members to increase efficiency and avoid the stress of application overload in the modern world
  • Attracting new talent from around the world to support your growing team?

Step 2: Prioritize a collaborative culture

Exceptional collaboration is essential in any business landscape. When teams work effectively together, ideas flow more freely and problems are solved faster. In environments such as technology, media and entertainment, this collaborative environment also plays another essential role: it enables a more creative workplace.

A collaborative culture enabled by UC tools means teams can share knowledge and information cohesively, wherever they are, and access all the data they need to innovate in a single space. UC solutions, especially cloud-based ones, can bring teams together for meetings and discussions to help drive the next wave of innovation for your products or services.

A UC ecosystem can also facilitate communication with specialists and the sharing of ideas between different groups working in various environments without endless travel. Videoconferencing tools built into UCaaS systems, for example, can help staff members interact on a deeper, more emotional level when tackling complex issues.

Amazing things don’t happen in a vacuum. For impressive innovations to happen in industries like entertainment or TMT, teams need to work better together. With UC solutions, you can boost collaboration by:

  • Facilitate file and knowledge sharing across the enterprise ecosystem
  • Enable constant meetings and collaboration with chat, video, audio and sharing tools
  • Integrate additional tools to simplify team interactions, such as real-time transcription tools for meetings or translation in chat tools

Step 3: Show productivity potential

Without unified communications, employees in a modern landscape can quickly become dispersed and disjointed, much like the day-to-day information they rely on. In the TMT and entertainment environment, companies will constantly share files and information and chat with colleagues online.

With distributed communication systems and collaboration tools, your employees would have to search through multiple applications and software systems to find the information they need to complete a project or take an idea to the next level. Unified Communications breaks down these silos, allowing employees to spend more time creating new products, providing great service, or solving problems.

With a unified communications software system, it is also possible for employees to more quickly access the help they need from other staff members. With access to things like status and presence indicators, team members can see who’s online around the world and start quick meetings or conversations that make work easier.

Unified communications technology is rapidly emerging as a central hub for productivity in a distributed workforce. It provides a platform to align your people, ideas, and resources.

Step 4: Demonstrate how Unified Communications future-proofs a business

Finally, while it’s impossible to know precisely what might happen in any business environment from year to year, Unified Communications is one of the few technology solutions that can help businesses prepare for anything. With UC and UCaaS systems, businesses can efficiently innovate, evolve, and scale to meet the changing needs of the TMT and entertainment industry.

With the right UC provider, you can add new people and numbers to your UC system in seconds, growing or shrinking your ecosystem as your business needs change. Cloud-based UCaaS solutions also make it easy to innovate and leverage new capabilities in AI bots, data analytics, and IoT whenever you want.

You might even decide to combine multiple “as a service” environments with your UC space, implementing CPaaS and contact center functionality into your existing UC solution. If you work with the right vendor from day one, it’s easy to upgrade your UC investment any way you want, when you want, without compromising on things like reliability or compliance.

An all-in-one environment for unified communications can even help pave the way for better decision-making in the future. When you can see all of your communication data in one space, you can make smarter decisions based on this aligned information.

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