Should the York-Beverley railway line be restored? Photo: Gary Longbottom.

I was delighted to see the Chancellor listen to my call to investigate the case of the York-Beverley Railway Restoration, one of 13 such projects nationwide.

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This is great news for York and the region as a whole, showing the government is committed to investing in projects that will make a real difference to local people.

Should York rail links with Beverley be restored?

I have campaigned for the reopening of the York-Beverley line since my election and salute the tireless passion of the supporters of this project, without whom this candidacy would not have been possible.

With the reopening of the York Line to Beverley being key to ensuring the feasibility of a new station at Haxby, it is no coincidence that both proposals have received government support and I look forward to continuing to defend both projects.

From: Glyn Wild, Highfield Terrace, Swinton, Malton.

Last weekend I went to my local village repair shop. A very nice person with knowledge of electricity managed to fix my stereo receiver – and all for free.

Racing in Beverley – do we need to restore the city’s rail link to York?

This is just one of the fantastic green initiatives that Hovingham (North Yorkshire, population barely 365) has put in place over the past few years.

They also run a very successful local food market once a month, run a tool-sharing program, have installed an electric vehicle charging station at the village town hall, and have persuaded residents to install heat pumps or to buy an electric car.

They also make themselves available at events to give advice on energy conservation, renewable energy and other similar topics.

As COP26 approaches, I can think of no better example of how local communities can make a contribution in tackling the looming climate chaos.

From: Dr Alexander Burnett, Crane Moor, Barnsley.

I WAS very disappointed that my MP Miriam Cates voted to allow raw sewage to continue to flow into our rivers last week.

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful countryside and should work to preserve it for our pleasure and that of our children. The idea that this could be done by dumping raw sewage into our rivers is incomprehensible.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed swimming on the beaches of Northumberland while on vacation. The idea that this may no longer be an option for future generations, due to sewage and pollution, saddens me.

Our countryside and the people of Penistone and Stocksbridge deserve much, much better.

From: Paul Brown, Bents Green Road, Sheffield.

ONE of the problems with the current generation of electric cars is that manufacturers are focusing on producing vehicles with a range of 300 miles.

There are few electric city cars suitable for our weekly trips to the supermarket, garden center, cafe or when work is a short distance from home.

In villages where there are suitable trails, a mobility scooter can be a convenient alternative to the car, which allows stopping to see neighbors along the way, rather than being chosen for a medical or related need. at the age.

At present, there does not appear to be a fully electric vehicle that occupies the size gap in the market between scooters and large and heavy cars.

From: Malcolm Parkin, Kinnesswood, Kinross.

The objective of COP26 is to reduce CO2 emissions. However, representatives of the nuclear industry – nuclear energy does not emit CO2 – have been excluded.

If they really believed that the end of the world was near because of CO2, surely the people of the environment and the climate would have long called for a nuclear program to save us all?

The cult of the environment clearly has a secret agenda if it has persuaded the COP to ignore nuclear energy.

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