The Australian and Victorian governments are jointly funding two business cases worth $ 1.6 million that will provide detailed planning work to identify good future investment projects to expand the national water system.

Stage 2 of the Gisborne to Sunbury interconnection and the detailed business case for the Riddells Creek to Sunbury interconnection could open up opportunities to further capitalize on investments via the connection route to the national water grid in stage 1 of the recycled water interconnection from Gisborne to Sunbury.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said the Australian government investment recognizes the efficient value of water catchment and storage in the regions.

“Interlocking business cases are a vital first step towards a secure future for our farmers and regional communities by supporting increased access to recycled water,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

“This investment demonstrates our determination to provide services to the people of the Victoria region to ensure the availability of the water infrastructure they need and deserve.” “

Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville said the partnership between the Australian and Victorian governments would explore opportunities to expand existing projects, such as the $ 116 million Western Irrigation Network, which is also jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments and is currently under construction. .

“The Stage 2 business case will develop detailed designs for a 4.5 kilometer pipeline and storage option to connect the Gisborne and Sunbury recycle water systems, which could bring benefits to the agriculture in Parwan-Balliang and farm levies in Toolern Vale, ”said Minister Neville.

“The detailed business case for the Riddells Creek interconnection at Sunbury will develop the design of a 13.9 kilometer pipeline to connect the Riddells Creek recycle water plant to the Sunbury recycle water system. The project will also study the modernization of the Riddells Creek recycled water plant to produce Class B water.

Victoria Senator Bridget McKenzie said the business cases are a positive step towards freeing more water for regional communities.

“A better water supply is what farmers and agricultural producers need to grow their businesses and move forward,” said Senator McKenzie.

“Our government is committed to providing water where it is needed, to enable our regions and the industries they support to thrive in the future.

This investment is part of the Australian government’s $ 3.5 billion National Water Grid Fund commitment to develop the National Water Grid.

The Australian and Victorian governments are jointly funding the two business cases on a 50/50 basis, for a total of $ 1.6 million.

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Confirmed business case funding for future access project

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