Greater Geelong City Councilors have approved a resolution to carry out a business case which will include further analysis from experts in relevant fields to provide a regional livestock and rural information clearinghouse and a truck wash in Greater Geelong.

The City will identify $200,000 from potential future savings in its 2022-2023 budget for the business case, in addition to the $100,000 previously allocated from its 2020-2021 budget.

The business case will include capital and operating costs for the delivery of a regional livestock and rural information clearinghouse and truck wash, potential sites, availability, buffer zones, designs, land use planning, timelines and operating and ownership patterns.

The business case follows a November 2021 Notice of Motion from Rural and Coastal Councilor President Jim Mason requesting the delivery of a multi-purpose livestock and information exchange.

Mayor of Greater Geelong, Peter Murrihy;

Cattle exchanges are located in Ballarat, Colac, Mortlake and Camperdown, but none of these cattle exchanges provide ancillary services such as a community shed or support our peri-urban community.

There are a number of issues that still need to be considered regarding support for livestock exchange at the local level.

It’s about exploring all options with industry experts and considering the best ways to support suburban and rural communities in the future.

Geelong sales yards closed for sheep and cattle sales in August 2017, with poultry sales closing in July 2018.

Rural and Coastal President, Councilor Jim Mason;

The closure of the livestock exchange has reduced social opportunities for members of the rural community and farmers are required to travel further to buy and sell livestock.

As the Geelong region develops rapidly, we cannot forget that many of our residents still live in suburban and rural areas and they would like us to consider the benefits of providing livestock exchange locally.

Members of the Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee supported the development of a detailed business case to develop a regional livestock and rural information exchange center and truck wash in Greater Geelong.

The report noted that the City should subsidize the facility’s ongoing operating costs, as well as seek public and private funding for its construction, which will be considered as part of the business case process.

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