“Businesses in Queensland remain deeply confused by the state’s restrictive and unexplained COVID rules which lack clarity and common sense,” said Rebecca Andrews, Queensland manager of the leading employers’ association Ai Group today. .

“Businesses remain in the dark with no real indication of what to do if they experience a COVID outbreak once we hit 90% and what that means for their operations. For example: do the current rules apply? ; Will they have to close their business or just part of it? ; Will they be required to perform an expensive deep cleaning? ; and how long do people have to be in quarantine?

“When Ai Group and our members asked for clarification, we were told that the current policy is a high-level overview of planned actions and a first guide for businesses and the community with details to come. To plan ahead, businesses need a lot more clarity and guidance so that they can prepare for the future as the rules change at different levels of immunization.

“Queensland faces skills and labor shortages and yet is making matters worse by erecting unnecessary barriers. Overly strict border rules prevent people from going on vacation, moving and returning home in the state, which will make our economic recovery much more difficult after COVID.

“This week’s confusion over PCR testing requirements at the border has fortunately been resolved, but questions remain. PCR testing comes at a cost to travelers in time and inconvenience that could be overcome if rapid antigen tests, approved by the TGA, were allowed as an alternative. Such tests are an efficient and much cheaper option that would save the Commonwealth and Queensland unnecessary costs for a comparable result.

“We should use all of the tools available in our kit, including the rapid tests, to help the community and businesses as we move towards life with COVID 19,” Ms. Andrews said.

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