Camosun College aims to improve the film industry in South Vancouver Island and is making progress in building the college’s educational film studio.

The provincial government awarded Camosun College a grant of $ 150,000 to prepare a business case that is now nearly complete. Their next steps are to make their ideas known to those who might be interested in building the studio.

“In a sense, we’re creating a partnership opportunity for Camosun to build the studio, a report that will likely be released in November and an expression of interest will come shortly thereafter,” said Geoff Wilmshurst, vice president of partnerships at middle School.

The five-acre land on which the studio would be built is intended to provide new educational opportunities that will lead to jobs, as there are hundreds of jobs in the film and television industry, Wilmshurst said. “There is a huge demand for studio space, as there really aren’t any other options in South Vancouver Island. “

Development plans call for three new sound stages, a production facility and an educational facility. Those in the local film industry are also excited about this possibility.

“The studio is what we need to make a lot of money,” South Vancouver Island Film and Media Commission commissioner Kathleen Gilbert told Black Press in 2019 in an interview on the program. of Camosun training and the impact a local studio could have.

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