As the Kingdom’s image as a preferred global business destination evolves, companies like Creative Zone are helping meet entrepreneurial demands.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moves rapidly towards transforming its business and investment landscape, the country has supported its approach with strong and pragmatic regulation, giving international and local entrepreneurs the confidence to come and live and work in Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom possesses the right mix of factors that make it a breeding ground for entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting both multinationals and start-ups to recognize the ripe conditions the Kingdom presents for growth and disruption.

Reforms such as 100% foreign ownership in several sectors, low minimum capital requirements, favorable tax laws, an easy and affordable registration process, broad support from regulators (Sagia) and leniency in the The socio-cultural space has changed the previous perception of the people of Saudi Arabia. Arabia as a closed and conservative society. The famous “Vision 2030” is Saudi Arabia’s strong game plan to put the Kingdom on a fast track to become one of the region’s major commercial and financial centers.

Since the Kingdom has relatively new and vibrant business structures, foreign entrepreneurs and investors might need a little help understanding the local business landscape. This is where Creative Zone, the largest and most trusted start-up consulting firm in the Middle East, comes in.

The company provides turnkey solutions for starting a business in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and has helped more than 44,000 businesses launch their businesses effectively. Their services include reservation of business name, business registration, drafting of articles of association, activation of the Chamber of Commerce service portal, registration with social insurance (Gosi), registration with General Authority of Zakat and Taxes, registering with the Ministry of Labor, registering Wasel, helping to open business bank accounts in Saudi Arabia and other business start-up assistance .

Creative Zone was launched with a simple but revolutionary model; to serve as a one stop shop with flexible payment plans, for easy business incorporation.

Some of the company’s portfolio partners include Microsoft, DHL, Telr, Zoho, and many more. The business start-up consultancy also provides internal services for taxation and accounting, janitorial services and bank account opening.

Why settle in Saudi Arabia

A positive entrepreneurial ecosystem

Over the past few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken several important steps to cultivate a thriving business ecosystem. Here are a few :

First-come advantage

It is a particularly exciting time for entrepreneurs and investors, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also the largest economy in the Middle East, has fully opened its doors to private business and foreign investment, giving businesses the leading player advantage and a head start in an emerging market that promises endless growth opportunities.

100% foreign participation in listed companies

The Saudi government has opened up 100% foreign ownership in various industries with no minimum capital requirement, increasing the country’s competitive advantage and making it easier to do business. This decision has also reinforced the attractiveness of the Kingdom as an attractive destination for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Diverse and inclusive perspectives

The Kingdom is doing a lot to make the business landscape more inclusive for the international business community wishing to access the diverse and lucrative Saudi market. Since 2017, the authorities have granted international entrepreneurs an innovation license to steer the development of their start-ups. In addition, Sagia recently launched VENTURE, an initiative to attract global venture capital firms to the Kingdom.

Funding opportunities for start-ups

A SAR 1 billion fund has been allocated to support initiatives in the technology sector. The fund will target investors, entrepreneurs, government entities, accelerators and technology developers in Saudi Arabia.

Agile in the face of emerging trends

There are many useful crowdfunding platforms growing across the Kingdom. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (Sama) has launched “Fintech Saudi”, which brings together key stakeholders to foster a culture of innovation in the financial sector in Saudi Arabia. Some examples of such companies include Business Incubators and Accelerators Company (BIAC), Riyadh TAQNIA Fund and Research Products Development (RDP), a center for the development and commercialization of technology.

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