The agarbati is a traditional Indian decoration which concludes all the celebrations. It is a very necessary part of everything Pooja.
In addition to its religious importance, frankincense is in high demand by aromatherapists for a variety of reasons. Spas, resorts, meditation centers, etc. can buy incense sticks from incense stick manufacturers.

The manufacture of agarbatti is a very successful business due to the high demand for its products.

You can start small with the right amount of money and the right equipment, and with the right approach to marketing, you can grow quickly.
Maximum investment
Depending on your size, you can start your agarbati business from the comfort of your own home. The most important investments to start with are: Basic material for incense sticks
1.incense stick manufacturer
2.Employees in charge of monitoring the manufacture and distribution of incense sticks
3. Storage, sales and distribution costs
4.The term “manufacturing” The unit “” designates a production facility.
5. The basic ingredient of incense sticks.
6. Incense sticks require a variety of raw materials of different grades and types.

  • Example: sawdust powder, jig powder, charcoal powder are all optional. Bark
    Litsea glutinosa is used to make sticky gum. This is well known as Joss / Tabu / etc. This recipe uses
    white flashes. The fragrance made from essential oils and masala is popular.
    Parcel stuffing
    10,000 packs of incense require approximately 27 kg of all the parts to make 1,000 sticks. Depending on the size of your business and your budget.
    Incense stick making machine and accessories
    We use wooden planks for rolling.
    Heat sealing tray
    Weighing and balancing platform
    Bucket, container and other plastic containers for sewing bags
    Packing table
    Containers Various components used Used to combine
    The total cost of materials and equipment to produce 10,000 incense sticks is around Rs. It is 52,000 / (tax included).
    Skilled workers and assistants are needed.
    Management staff Head of manufacturing unit
    Delivery man
    The labor cost for hiring and retaining 23 people to carry out the production and management activities of Agarbati is expected to be around Rs 13,500.

The steps for starting an incense / agarbati business are detailed below. Manufacturing
incense sticks is a very easy task. His first steps are:

Step 1 is market research.

In order to conduct a market research, it is necessary to know the types and qualities of incense sticks currently on the market. The size of the business is influenced by the type of incense sticks made there. Below
are some interesting facts about the incense market.
India is one of the largest manufacturers of incense products in the world. There is also a strong import demand
incense sticks. Countries like UK, USA, Nigeria, Egypt, UAE, and Latin America are one of the major importers of incense sticks.
Incense sticks, Dhoop cones, Dhoop sticks, and scented Dhoop are the different types of incense sticks available in the market.

In terms of consumption, the southern and western regions of India account for 3235% of total demand, respectively, and the northern and eastern regions respectively represent 1518% and 1725%.

Patanjali, Moksh, Cycle, and Mangaldeep are some of the most famous brands in the incense industry.
Cardboard box for incense sticks, without label, unpacking

Step 2: Create the business strategy for your company.

Now that you understand the market, it’s time to prepare your project report or business strategy. This report aims to inform financial companies about their plans to enter the market.

Whether it’s a national business or a small business, your business plan should include information such as capacity, costs incurred, and expected capital growth. The most important actions taken in the business plan are:

Determination of the available space and calculation of the unit price.
Furniture Machine Specifications Required
Lists all costs including raw materials, labor costs, utility costs and more. Profit estimates are made and the market is watched.

Step 3: How to finance your Garbatti Agarbatti Affairs

machines are not overpriced devices. We funded the whole project from the start.

Prepare to invest in a product for at least a year without expecting a return. You can use the project report to calculate and prepare all costs.
Basic materials aside, it’s pretty cheap, so you can imagine investing your money in a machine.

With all of these assumptions and a small start, you can start planning your marketing strategy and brainstorming ideas to help your business grow. With the right strategic planning, you can quickly move your business from your current location to a specialized manufacturing center.


Step 4: Agarbatti Business Registration and License

After registering your business, you can act as an authorized manufacturer and reseller of Agarbatti. First, find out the rules and regulations for running an agarbati store near you. ROC registration is a very necessary step in this process.

The Agarbatti manufacturing and distribution company must also meet the following criteria to register:

You need to obtain a business license and registration from MSME Udyog Adhaar. Businesses can make requests over the Internet. A GST number is required to produce a

If your employees are responsible for more than 10 units, you need to understand the ESI and PF legislation.
Obtain approval from city pollution control personnel before proceeding. you must buy or lease an asset or manufacturing space before deciding on a recording strategy. Therefore, the next step is to complete the strategy of building a production base.

Agarbatti’s creative activities require regional development in line with production. Small installations may require 1,000 square feet if there are sufficient water and electricity supplies.

If you are a beginner, you can rent a space to save money and make it more manageable. The different tasks to be accomplished to set up a production site are:
Create a floor plan of the building.
Design the area that contains the location of the machine.
Plan where to store the last item.
Create packaging parts and exit point designs.

Step 5: Create a procedure for making agarbati.

Before you start creating agarbati, make a final decision on the composition of the agarbati. Finally, soak the incense stick in your favorite scent solution and wrap it in moisture proof packaging with the outer foil of the cardboard.


Step 6: Develop an agarbati marketing strategy.

If you want to create a profitable market for your business, you can use any or all of the sales tactics listed below.
Retail Distribution: Contact your local seller to sell your product directly in your store. Application developers can rely on shopping malls, shopping centers and suppliers to gain a foothold in the industry.

Work with local distributors to initiate a secondary sales strategy that requires resellers to get involved to get the right mix of products.

Third, start e-commerce by becoming a seller on Amazon or starting your own e-commerce business. Ecommerce developers can provide you with the end-to-end help you need to start your business.

Step 7: Develop a marketing and promotion initiative strategy.

Setting up a kiosk, delivering door-to-door sales samples, operating search engine ads, and operating TV commercials are some of the options to consider if you are have a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy for Agarbatti. I want to develop a production company.

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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