2022 is a big year for the Europeana Foundation. As a key element of the European Commission’s digital decade, Europeana is at the heart of a common european data space for cultural heritagewhich aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector and to make more digitized cultural heritage accessible to all for reuse.

This requires high-quality data that is shareable and accessible to our audiences in one of the 24 official EU languages, and data that can be used and reused in multiple ways. We will embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and 3D to enhance and enrich this data. And we will strengthen the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector with digital skills and work processes so that it is efficient, effective and fit for the digital decade.

Led by a renewed Supervisory Board and Advisory Board, with a new Chairman for 2022, the Europeana Foundation will implement improvements to our organizational and hybrid work processes, as well as professional development programs for our employees, with the aim of to safeguard the health and well-being of our staff. and align our daily work more closely with the mission of the organization. All in all, making the Europeana Foundation more flexible and resilient, not just for the rest of the pandemic, but for good.

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