As the demand for data increases, the need for data center storage also increases. Companies using the cloud are constantly looking for the best storage solutions to meet their business needs and often have to go through rather complex processes in order to find the right solution.

They need look no further than datacenterHawk, a leading global data center real estate analytics platform dedicated to empowering people to make better decisions about center real estate. of data.

Through this innovative platform, customers can view the latest trends in the world’s largest data center markets, which are updated quarterly.

The company is currently tracking data center markets in North America, Europe and APAC, and also plans to add additional markets in Latin America and South America. They are also looking to expand their European and APAC coverage.

With 15-20 employees across North America, the company has strong roots in this market, but is rapidly expanding globally. Every year they have added more markets to their site, and they have the ultimate goal of covering all major data center markets globally in the coming years.

“Our business has been on a growth trajectory since its inception in 2014 and over the next three to five years at least, we only expect to continue to grow at a faster rate,” a company representative said. datacenterHawk.

“Our professionalism and attention to detail allow us to ensure that all our data is accurate and communicated with excellence.”

They understand that collecting data in the data center market is generally quite difficult. Therefore, the site stays up to date and makes all data center industry information digestible and easy to understand.

A key part of the technology used is the analytics tool, which provides an in-depth look at specific market data and trends and is updated quarterly. A search tool also maps data center facilities and offers sorting and filtering options to provide users with the information they need most. Users can also quickly access on-demand market rates, search and obtain quotes, and access professional information.

With the pandemic causing an increase in demand in the data center market, users needed to dissect the data even more to understand why this was happening. The company says the growth in the data center market is unprecedented and is attracting the attention of more investors who want to participate in the growth movement. The datacenterHawk platform can help these investors by providing them with the most up-to-date information that meets their business needs.

Trusted data, expert analysis, and consistent verification are three things datacenterHawk prides itself on for its operations, and it’s a definitive one-stop-shop for finding a data storage solution, quote, or comparison.

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