Time is running out for anyone interested in participating in this year’s Fowler Business Concept Challenge. With a deadline of October 22, the Fowler is open to all St. Thomas students, regardless of their major. The contest is a chance to unleash your inner problem solver and win your share of over $ 40,000 in scholarships.

Students can compete in two tracks – business concept or social enterprise. To submit your idea, you don’t need a complete business plan, but you will need to provide a description of your idea.

The Fowler Frenzie will take place at the Anderson Student Center’s create [space] at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, October 18. During the frenzy, faculty and mentors will be on hand to help students looking to improve their concepts before the October 22 submission deadline. Food and drinks will be provided.

For Jules Porter JD / MBA ’18, stepping into the Fowler was life changing. Last year, she came up with an idea for an African-American-owned and run video game company and ended up winning the social enterprise category and a $ 16,000 scholarship.

“When we have people of color in games, they represent only 3% of the total number of heroes in the 50 years of the video game industry,” she said. “If you want to go kill the dragon or save a village, you can’t really do that as a black character.”

In an effort to create “fun, challenging and impactful” video games, Porter asked everyone she knew – professors, students, business people – to listen to her Fowler pitch for the competition.

“What I learned about St. Thomas College is that they are so nice, but they will be brutally honest with you, which was exactly what I needed, as it was the first time. times I was trying to present anything, ”Porter said.

Porter, who is currently working on the development of his video game company, says people with a passion and an idea should step into the Fowler because it could lead you down an unexpected path.

“A year ago, I had no idea I would want to start my own video game business,” she said. “But here I am. It’s so surreal and so amazing.

Mechanical engineer Jalen Betsinger joined Fowler last year after being frustrated with the homework service he was using. His idea for a peer tutoring business earned him second place in the business concepts division as well as a scholarship of $ 7,500.

“I’ve always had a lot of ideas and I was interested in the Fowler,” said Betsinger, a senior. “Two days before the deadline I thought, let’s do it and see how it goes. “

The best part about attending Fowler, he said, was getting the chance to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit.

“Since last year’s Fowler, I’ve had more ideas,” Betsinger said. “I looked at a few start-ups and other products. I have a voucher that I will be submitting for the Fowler this year – I am doing it again.

You can see companies started by past Fowler winners, including Protégé Biomedical, here.

Fowler’s semi-finalists will be announced on Monday, October 29. On Friday, November 16, the semi-finalists will present their ideas to a panel of local entrepreneurs and business people. The winners will receive their share of over $ 40,000 in scholarships.

The Fowler Business Concept Challenge is named in honor of Ron Fowler ’66, President and CEO of Liquid Investments, Inc., whose donation to the university made this contest and future ones possible.

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