The Copper Pantry began life in the kitchen of founder Alison Wheeldon after being put on leave during the lockdown.

But with the success of the company, Alison is now embarking on a whole new career path.

However, as she says herself, she cannot continue to function just out of her kitchen and now has to move to her own larger, permanent home.

Alison Wheeldon, Founder of The Copper Pantry

As a result, she launched a gofundme page to increase the capital she needs to meet demand.

Alison said, “At the moment we are running our home business, but we need to consider expanding as we are struggling to keep up with demand.

“So we are trying to raise a lot of capital to settle down properly with the rents and the staff.

“Obviously we have money in the bank and we are trying to apply for a business loan.

“But it takes time, so my other half came up with the idea of ​​creating the gofundme page that refers people when they donate.”

The company specializes in outdoor catering, afternoon tea, pasture boxes and catering for parties and larger events, for which it now receives more bookings, which requires a move to a larger base.

Alison continued, “I started the business last August while on leave from my previous job and that’s when it took off.

“As the lockdown comes to an end, people want to have more outdoor events and more people want our services.

“My kitchen is only so big and I also have three kids and there isn’t much I can do with it, so we have to move to a bigger place.

“We hope to stay with Hucknall, whether in an industrial unit or a store.

“We’ve seen a place that we love so we’re trying to go through the application process, but if that doesn’t work out I’m sure there are other places in Hucknall that we could go to.

“The support we have received from people here has been great and the way it has taken off has been amazing and I hope it will continue.”

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