Business Plan Construction of the Natural Petroleum Gas Processing Plant and Associate in “PRODUCT GTL” based on PJSC “GTL” technology



    1. Introduction to the business consortium
    2. Technological achievements PJSC “Gas to Liquid” by GTL
    3. Company values ​​and working principles
    4. Objective of the project
    5. Challenges
    6. Description of the process
    1. Gasoline production scenario.
    2. Diesel production scenario
    3. Production technology of High octane gasoline by co-processing of hydrocarbon fractions and raw materials containing oxygen.
    4. Technology for the production of a mixture of hydrocarbons of the aromatic series from Propane-butane fraction or associated gas:
    1. Iraqi market
    2. Global market
    3. Global market strategy
    4. Pricing strategy
  3. Project plan
    1. Proposed project schedule
    2. Financial summary
    3. Preliminary draftPlanning


1.1 Introduction to the business consortium

JSC “GTL” was founded in 2000 to carry out a project to extinguish flares and to refine natural gas into fuels for high octane engines (gasoline and diesel). JSC “GTL” has invested in R&D aimed at creating this technology $ 71.3 million by 2013.

Scientists and specialists of JSC “GTL” have developed more than 100 various innovations, which have been patented or are at the stage of registration to receive Russian and international patents. JSC “GTL” cooperates closely with leading international research institutes and universities.

Empire Fuel Industries Limited established in 2006 in Dubai, Moscow, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, Baghdad and Beirut by the association of successful companies working in the construction of the oil, gas and power lines of business, construction of small and medium oil refineries, the construction of firm storage tanks, for the possibility of increasing business and carrying out large projects with a uniform center of control and responsibility.

Initially, the company specialized in the following technologies:

  • Organizational technique preparing for start-up.
  • Governmental expertise of objects.
  • Design and construction of storage yards.
  • Site design.
  • Installation and testing work on petroleum chemicals, upstream and gas preparation for transport.

Empire Fuel Industries Limited is a commitment to a clear purpose, vision and set of values, which together govern decision making at all levels of the project. Also, the presence of very experienced employees, which allowed the company to successfully meet the challenges of work and completion of work with quality, precision and precise delivery times.

Najm Al-Shimal Oil Services Company established in 2015 as an oil services company affiliated with the Makeen group. The company has grown to include a wide range of services to meet the needs of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

With a team of over 250 employees, we continue to expand our service offering to meet the priorities of global companies operating in Iraq and help accelerate the development of the country’s oil and gas industry. With a large network of international partners and an innate knowledge of the local market, we offer innovative and impactful solutions to our clients.

Najm Al-Shimal also provides specialized oilfield equipment and services to companies operating in Iraq. As an authorized supplier of major IOCs, NOCs and EPCs, we leverage our strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers to deliver comprehensive and cost effective solutions. Our product offerings are backed by quality after-sales services, including spare parts.

Product Coverage:

Boxes, tubes and pipes

Torch system, torch gas recovery and

Drill bits and downhole tools


Top drives, mud pumps and platform

Turbomachinery and process solutions


Industrial hoses and hydraulic systems


Drill pipes

Flow, level, temperature and pressure

Corrosion protection products

measuring systems


1.2. Technological achievements PJSC “Gas to Liquid” by GTL

PJSC “GTL” has created cost-effective patented technology in the form of units (factories) operating in Russia for the processing of associated petroleum and natural gas into pure hydrogen and liquid products.

We participated in Expo 2017 Astana – “Energy of the Future” and demonstrated our technologies in more than 130 countries around the world. Representatives from over 60 countries around the world have expressed a desire to use our technologies to extinguish oil and gas flares to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other combustion products into the atmosphere.

With the receipt for their own needs of inexpensive environmentally friendly fuel and their chemical compounds, including hydrogen and other chemical compounds for the needs of local industry.

Due to financial constraints, we have now been able to start implementing our environmental projects in eight countries by creating joint projects with 50/50 equity financing.

We can provide ready-to-use GTL installations to any country in the world, mainly for extinguishing oil and gas flares and solving the environmental problem of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The main objective of our project is a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Our scientists have successfully tested the technology in a real environment. We have filed several patents:

  • 2199366Homogeneous natural gas oxidation reactor“,
  • 2416461Packet vortex packing for heat and mass transfer columns“,
  • 2426715Process and installation for the homogeneous oxidation of gas containing methane“,

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