As 2022 approaches, you’re probably already thinking about ways to improve your own life – go to the gym, find out more, take the online course you’ve been pushing back for months – but taking care is just as important. of your health and business improvement.

There are a few key resolutions you can take right now to ensure that your business enters 2022 in the best possible shape. From remote working to social media, we’ve outlined a few wins, along with the technology that can help you achieve them.

After a few hectic years, we don’t know what 2022 will bring, but we can at least be prepared!

1. Adopt a hybrid or remote work policy

Using the word “turbulent” to describe the office environment over the past two years might underestimate it. The pandemic has seen a seismic change in the way we work that has not been felt in generations, and inevitably it takes time to adapt. This is no more true than for businesses, which have had to contend with a workforce that is no longer based in a centralized location, but spread across different states, time zones and countries, in some cases.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure your business has a concrete hybrid or remote work plan in place, for your convenience and that of your employees. We always find that there are huge gaps between what staff expects and what companies are willing to do, so it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is on the same page. . A strong remote working policy means there is little room for doubt and ensures a fair system for all.

As for the actual details, well, that’s up to you. Maybe you’ll embrace remote working, like Square, which said all staff are welcome to work remotely, forever. Or maybe you’ll take a more hybrid approach with a few days at the office and others at home, like Facebook and Google.

2. Web conferencing is the future – embrace it

If there has been a “winner” in the pandemic, it is web conferencing. Of course, the concept has been around for years, but it’s only recently that most of us have had to rely on it, being denied the option of in-person meetings. It’s a place we would have come to in the future anyway, as all sci-fi writers will no doubt tell you, the pandemic just pushed us towards it faster.

Getting to grips with web conferencing was no easy task. There’s the weird etiquette of virtual meetings, the technical issues, the desperate tidying up of the little space behind you, making sure you don’t have the cat filter on… phew, that has been exhausting. But we’ve survived and thrived, and now, for most of us, video meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whatever platform you choose to use just became as natural as email in the 90s. .

Don’t assume, however, that when the pandemic ends, web conferencing will be relegated to pandemic fashions alongside Tiger King and Elbow Bumps. The “new normal” of hybrid working means that even if you are in the office, your coworkers might not be.

Web conferencing platforms have shown a real commitment over the past two years, continuing to add new features to make our video chats better and more productive. We’ll admit that there are still some meetings that work best in person, but Zoom isn’t going anywhere.

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3. Make sure your business is cybersecure

Have you read the headlines in 2021? If you did, you will have noticed a lot of reporting on hacking, scams and ransomware, and no, it was not your imagination, there was more of it than usual. In fact, 2021 has seen an increase in hacking and scam attacks, linked to the fact that so many of us are now working from home and corporate security is under strain.

In 2021, it seemed barely a week had passed without news of a ransomware attack, in which company data was held hostage by hackers for payment, usually in cryptocurrency. In the event of non-payment, you risk having your data stolen and disseminated. Many organizations have been affected, from pipelines to local school authorities.

It’s not just ransomware, either. Other types of scams, such as phishing, are also on the rise, making it more important than ever to ensure your business cybersecurity is tighter than your pants down after Christmas dinner.

While your office security might seem quite robust, remote and hybrid working can open up your business to a lot of bad practices. Employees must be supported and provided with the necessary tools to secure their daily activities. VPNs, for example, will hide their online activities, while password managers will prevent them from reusing the same password on every site, or worse yet, writing it on a sticky note.

Then there’s our old friend anti-virus software, which will identify and remove all kinds of nasty and potentially damaging viruses before they even get a chance to do their despicable deeds.

4. Establish your social media strategy

Many businesses have had to turn to online shopping over the past two years, whether it’s to keep in touch with coworkers or to take their products off the shelves in stores that customers no longer have access to, for the online retail. We’ve seen that communication is more important than ever, which is why sorting out your social media approach for 2022 will only be good for you and your business.

If you haven’t yet got a solid social media strategy in place, now is the time to plan one. If you have one, ask yourself if it is still relevant in 2022 and if it is pandemic proof. Are you addressing current events and engaging with your audience where they are today, or are you relying on outdated methods?

One of the best ways to juggle your business’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and whatever else you can use is to use a social media manager. One could be a game-changer, allowing you to schedule posts at key times, collect and analyze data, connect with multiple accounts, and respond to comments more productively.

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