Local authorities unveiled the Chadakoin River Strategic Business Plan to bring more visitors to Jamestown Riverwalk and Chadakoin River Tuesday evening.

The plan was funded by the County of Chautauqua, the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency, the City of Jamestown, the Board of Public Utilities, as well as three private investors.

Executive Director of CCDI Marc Geise stated that C&S Engineers and Harrison Studio were hired to do the study on how to bring activities and people to the Chadakoin River between McCrea Point Park and Warner Dam: “We have a plan that has – this are the types of projects we need to undertake, this is what they look like, this is how much they cost, these are the types of funding sources that we can seek to implement them. And again, it’s to capitalize on our existing assets, what public improvements need to be made, what type of activities, festivals, etc. should we bring?

Partnership for economic growth Kristy kathman said that a consolidated funding request submitted by the City of Jamestown to New York State would help fund projects on the North Basin side, “The Iconic Gardens, which would be on that side over there [west of Comedy Park] was part of that. Then we put a mural here [concrete wall along north basin path], because even though it’s not in the plan, it’s a great place for public art and it would be like that. And the tiered seats would come down, lower on that lawn [large grass area along north basin path] like Crystal said, where people could just have fun and sit down or maybe have a small event.

Other articles in the CFA included things like swings and benches. Kathman said that while the North Basin will be a more passive activity, the South Basin will include features such as a kayak launch pad, a dock for a future water taxi, and a PWC rental facility in the future. .

Jamestown Development Director Surdyk Crystal said the next steps are to have the plan reviewed and accepted by the Planning Commission, followed by approval of the plan by city council.

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