Chinese lifestyle brand platform Onion Global Limited launched what it called an enhanced supply-to-business (STB) strategy that integrates upstream supply chain capabilities with a expanding B2B customer base, according to a statement on Thursday, April 14. Press release.

The company will use this strategy to build a “super trading platform” whose operating system provides trading support to B2B customers on issues such as supply chain, data analytics and brand transactions, says the press release.

“B2B customers are extremely valuable and we are confident that they will integrate closely with B2C customers in the future,” Onion Global Founder and CEO Cong Li said in the statement. “As B2B customers develop their own business and revenue models, they constantly generate new consumer demand and harvest highly qualified B2C customers. Leveraging our global supply chain and closed-loop brand ecosystem, we will provide a full range, multi-level and full range of branded services to more B2B customers, enterprise merchants and sellers.

The company will use its experience in brands, technology and factories to offer B2B customers solutions that include brand incubation, technology development and flexible supply chain support, according to the statement.

Onion Global will also help B2B customers reach more customers globally through sales and logistics channels, including O’Mall, a global cross-border e-commerce platform; CosyFans, a Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce platform; Minibuyer, a private domain store and team management tool; and E-Quick, an Internet of Things (IoT) service provider, the statement said.

China’s B2B market is growing rapidly, driving growing demand from B2B customers for supply chain and technology services, according to the release.

“As the regulatory environment tightens and the pandemic continues to bring uncertainty, Onion Global has fundamental competitive advantages in operating brands in the public and private domains, and is benefiting from the strong growth of its existing market, user base and private domain traffic,” the statement said.

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