If you are a Ring of honor fan, you may know a wrestler known as Danhausen. He’s the creepy guy with the demonic makeup and the extravagant cloak who walks around carrying either a cartoonish bag of “human money” or an ordinary jar full of human teeth – or both! Danhausen speaks in an exaggerated, high-pitched voice that sounds like a cross between Mark Hammil’s Joker and Conan O’Brien, which the artist behind Danhausen admits to being inspired by. Figures as fleshed out and pleasant as Danhausen don’t very often honor the wrestling world with their presence, but they are an integral part of the art form. And here’s why.

Who is Danhausen?

Danhausen is a very kind and very evil professional wrestler from Someplace Far Away who has wrestled since 1993. He is 6’4 “and weighs at least 300 pounds. Of course, almost all of the aforementioned biographical information is entirely fabricated by Danhausen himself. But this is the business of professional wrestling, where the imagination reigns supreme – and it’s not as if Danhausen is the first professional wrestler with a penchant for self-glorification.

In reality, Danhausen is a character played by Donovan Danhausen, a young wrestler from Michigan who spent the first six years of his career languishing in independent obscurity. In order to reinvent his wrestling career, Donovan donned a cape and painted his face to look like a cross between the Joker and one of those weird kids from the Norwegian black metal scene of the early 90s. created a whole new character, which caught people’s attention.

Nobody cared when I was just a good wrestler. They cared when I changed my makeup and started playing silly and making references to The Simpsons in the middle of games.“Said the man behind the makeup in a recent episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast.

Why is Danhausen so important?

The wrestling world needs performers like Donovan and characters like Danhausen to provide welcome breaks from the lyrical melodrama that dominates most professional wrestling programs. The only way to fully appreciate Danhausen’s appeal is to watch some of his games. Despite the awkwardness of his comedic creation, Donovan is so committed that it’s nearly impossible not to root for Danhausen – even if he wants to take over the world.

Ring of Honor wrestler Danhausen

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Professional wrestling is at its best when it refuses to take itself too seriously. No one thinks it’s real anymore, so there’s no reason not to occasionally lean into the silliness inherent in this art form. Wrestling fans are notoriously hard to please, which means comedy in wrestling can be very hard to pull off. But when it works, it adds a precious layer of fun to the product. Comedy wrestlers like Danhausen have been a necessity since the beginning of the business, but their presence is even more welcome in the internet age where videos and gifs of their antics can go viral and potentially bring a new take on the world. the art form.

I think a common misconception when you first see what I’m doing or see it out of context is that it’s, like, goofy and weird.“Donovan Danhausen said of his creation in an interview with Paste Magazine in February.”It’s true, but every thing I do is based on some form of reality, where if you really think about the logic behind why I’m doing something, you’re like, “Oh wait, that actually makes sense.. ”

What’s next for Danhausen?

Lately wrestlers love AEW Star Cassidy Orange have proven that there is a place in the main stage for comedy wrestlers. The days of Doink The Clown are long gone, and today’s wrestling audiences are more than happy to kiss a main event comedian star. Like Orange Cassidy, Danhausen is not only funny and entertaining, he is also able to hang out with the best workers in the industry.

Integrity, dedication and charisma can go a long way in the world of professional wrestling. Artists like OC and Danhausen may not possess bulging biceps and fists like anvils, but their exquisite character work combined with a noble commitment to their craft more than makes up for their lack of physical stature.

Danhausen hasn’t been a member of the Ring Of Honor roster for a very long time, and he hasn’t had many opportunities to perform in front of a live RoH crowd yet. But it’s hard to imagine that he won’t get a huge reaction when the company finally welcomes fans to its shows. As Orange Cassidy’s AEW Race proved, not only do modern wrestling audiences want to see comedic performers wrestle, but they also want to see them win.

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