David Barton has previously raised the subject of maximum use of Sefton’s beaches, including Southport-based venues

Written by David Barton

A leading Sefton heritage campaigner is proposing that his local authority draw up a costed business plan incorporating the use of all of its beaches for parking and potential event entertainment with the aim of generating significant revenue for the region.

Local plans are formalized documents produced by local governments with scheduled review dates of five years.

The existing and previous version was created in 2015 and officially adopted in 2017 by Sefton Council. Following the many changes and different needs of communities based in the borough, Mr Barton suggests that more can and should be done to make use of Sefton’s coastline.

David Barton, former Dukes Ward Councilor covering the town center and West Birkdale, has previously raised the subject of maximum use of Sefton’s beaches, particularly any Southport-based venues. Mr Barton says the local authority needs to seek permission from Natural England and therefore needs to present a costed business case that would justify this new revenue generator.

The community campaigner, whose ultimate goal has been and remains the restoration of Sefton, believes the local authority has a real ability to turn the tide in its favor economically and environmentally if it adopts a more trade which would result in more net spending by tourists. in addition to the standard attendance seen over the past two decades.

Mr Barton says: “I would implore Sefton Council to consider and implement my proposal which, at the very least, would demonstrate to the major granting agencies that it is taking as resourceful an approach as possible to becoming self-sufficient with funding. subsidies that it may have already reached in the past, especially from 2020. “

He says: ‘Sefton’s coastline, stretching from Southport to Formby, Crosby and Bootle, is a huge stretch with untapped potential which can and should be tapped.’

“As previously reported, these sites have proven popular among all age groups and social groups time and time again. Even in their current state, people have coveted these places during peak tourist season, so improving these sites would be a game-changer for everyone involved.”

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