Know what type of video best suits a company’s marketing plan.

In the digital age, one of the best ways to showcase stories and preserve memories is to create high-quality videos. It’s an engaging visual that simplifies messaging while providing a unique opportunity to captivate an audience, making it an effective strategy for brands and businesses looking to leave a mark in their respective industries. At Mosaic Media Films, professional videos are made easy and affordable with the help of their team of video experts. For them, getting an amazing video shouldn’t be that hard.

Suppose a company has chosen to include a video in its marketing plan. It is an exciting approach that will definitely take the business to the next level and enable it to connect meaningfully with its audience in an authentic way. But the thing is, it can be difficult to identify what the best type of video to make is. So, read and get ideas from Mosaic Media’s top three recommendations.

Type 1: Corporate Promotional Videos

A popular choice among businesses is the corporate promotional video. It cuts to the chase while providing an overview of brand identity, the story of a customer’s journey, and possible opportunities to work with the company.

In particular, Mosaic Media follows a 9-part story framework for this type, where they combine a compelling storyline, cinematic visuals, customer testimonials and animations with the aim of engaging, educating and converting people. viewers into buyers.

Type 2: Customer testimonial videos

Another type of video businesses should have is the customer testimonial video. This makes the brand more accessible as it tells first-hand experiences, real opinions and experiences.

By focusing on an individual’s story, existing customers and interested viewers can see the authenticity of the business – connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

Type 3: service videos

Finally, service videos are also a great option for producing professional videos. It’s best for companies that provide multiple services and it’s even more efficient when done in series, assigning a service type for each video. Viewers will surely be engrossed in watching high quality videos to know more about the process and benefits of the service offered by the company.

As an Austin video production company, Mosaic Media Films creates only the best, amazing videos to tell amazing stories through a streamlined process. Try one of the videos mentioned above or work on a combination to create a bigger impact.

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The 3 main types of videos every business needs, according to Mosaic Media Films


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