More businesses than ever are adopting gadgets and new technologies to help make their operations more efficient and their businesses more successful. Some concepts are completely new and provide users with advanced and innovative features. At the same time, other gadgets that have been available for some time have become more and more popular and are increasingly adopted.

This is largely because businesses find these gadgets more practical than ever in the face of recent crises. Here are the top 5 gadgets that can offer many benefits to businesses and professionals in 2021.

1. Portable projectors

Portable projectors are a very useful gadget for many businesses, especially those that need to do a lot of product demonstrations and give presentations on the go. Portable projectors are ultra-compact and can fit in your pocket. Plus, they’re so versatile that you can connect them to a wide range of devices, such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, or just about anything that stores images.

With this small device, you can project these images on a wall or any flat surface, so that you don’t need anything else to do your presentation. Some versions even come with USB ports and internal memory so you can directly project images without connecting them to another device.

2. Mobile card readers

Consumers have long been drawn to mobile and online payments. However, many businesses still rely on stationary credit card readers installed on their store counter. Such card readers are very restrictive because they have to stay in one place. On the other hand, mobile card reader technology will give you great freedom of movement for the business and improve the level of customer service you provide.

Especially in the hospitality industry, these devices are extremely useful, allowing you to serve your customers in their rooms or in the garden of your hotel, for example. And in some sectors, it becomes an essential gadget if your business involves a lot of travel and fieldwork, or if you need to visit your customers. They work with a SIM card connection like a mobile phone and take advantage of GPRS and 3G technologies to provide a high level of convenience and many benefits.

3. Advanced digital whiteboards

Digital whiteboards really took off in 2021, being an indispensable tool for video conferencing and virtual meetings. Nowadays, with the increased reliance of businesses on remote conferencing and virtual meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital whiteboards have become more popular than ever.

One of the main features of a digital whiteboard is that viewers can independently zoom in on the whiteboard to magnify details and get a clearer view. Plus, you can combine multiple digital whiteboards for more space for large meetings. Users can also tag other people to grant access even if they are not direct participants.

4. Smart suitcases

Suitcases aren’t generally considered electronic gadgets – until now, with the advent of smart suitcases with digital capabilities. There are many models available with different features and benefits for an easier and smoother business travel experience.

Some smart suitcases have built-in cell phone chargers so you don’t have to search for an outlet to plug in your charger in weird places or carry a bulky power bank with you. Some models have built-in apps that can track your trip, and others even incorporate the ability to weigh yourself so you don’t have to search for a scale at the last moment when you have to rush to the airport.

5. Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are one thing that can improve the working atmosphere in a world stricken with COVID when people are confined to their homes and hold online meetings via video conferencing. A VR headset can go way beyond video conferencing. It can create a three-dimensional virtual space for you and your colleagues or clients. This means that you can work in a virtual office space that looks like your real office with its interior spaces, desks, furniture and hallways.

You can hold meetings with your colleagues sitting as avatars in their designated positions around the 3D virtual office space. You can do a lot of other things with a VR headset, like giving presentations, demonstrating 3D models of products, and collaborating using a whiteboard that looks like your desktop in a three-dimensional world.


Many gadgets are growing in popularity in this context of a global pandemic. Such devices help professionals in their remote work. The idea is to reduce any deficiencies you might face due to your time away from the office. In other words, these gadgets aim to bring as much office as possible to your home. At the same time, innovative new gadgets are supporting professionals who continue to work and do business on the go.

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