It is estimates that women represent 19% of the tech workforce on average. As women compose 47.7% of the global workforce Overall, it is clear that technology is lagging behind other industries in its efforts to recruit and retain women.

While many tech business leaders show a good intention to work towards a more diverse industry, it often doesn’t translate into specific actions and the bottom line is undoubtedly lacking.

This is unfortunate because it actually limits the growth and capabilities of technology companies.

Generally speaking, a more diverse team has more diverse perspectives, so they are better equipped to innovate and consider new approaches to challenges. But there is also a strong business case for encouraging more women to take up tech roles.

A study of 22,000 companies around the world found that businesses with 30% or more women saw a 15% increase in cost effectiveness compared to those with little or no gender diversity. The increase in the number of women working in technology could generate a £ 2.6 billion per year for the UK economy.

So what should companies do beyond gender neutral job descriptions?

Even though hiring managers believe themselves to be fair, we all have unconscious biases that impact our decision making. Research shows that as a company, we judge that men are more capable than women for STEM roles, even if we are not consciously judging.

Establishing hiring or interview quotas for diverse candidates can help prevent candidate judgment from being clouded by our unconscious biases or the idea of ​​”cultural fit.”

Recognition of abilities and promotion are just as essential as hiring. It was found that women continue to work below their skills due to lack of self-confidence, prejudices in hiring and cultural exclusion. Promoting women to leadership positions and celebrating their successes are effective ways to inspire and encourage more women in the field and diversify the culture from top to bottom.

At YOOBIC, our workforce is currently 39% female, but we are committed to continuing to work to create the most diverse workforce possible. Actively paving the way for more women to get into tech isn’t just a moral thing to do, it’s essential for building a profitable and innovative business.

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