The Cathedral Quarter Business Improvement District (BID), Destination CQ, has officially launched its business plan for the next five years as it begins the vote on the reinstatement of the improvement district for five years additional.

Damien Corr, director of Destination CQ, said the plan was developed after extensive research among IDB taxpayers and after receiving feedback on areas that had been done well and areas that may need improvement. .

“For the business plan, we took the priorities that companies and organizations gave us and divided them into three areas,” he explained.

“It’s about business support; safer, cleaner, greener; and promote and animate the territory. These include reducing business support costs and offering free training tailored to your needs.

“This is the collective voice for lobbying, to be your voice with the developers who come to our region, with the plans of our statutory partners.”

Mr Corr said the importance of having a collective voice for Cathedral Quarter is vital for the future.

“We are your voice with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Culture, the council and all statutory agencies and will continue to do so,” he said.

“We’re involved with most of the city’s stakeholder groups and that’s something our taxpayers don’t see a lot. It takes a lot of our time and it is well worth it.

In terms of the safer, cleaner and greener part of the business plan, Corr said BID intends to build on existing programs.

“We will continue with the PSNI street beat team to support the patrols dedicated to the region,” he added. The work of the cleaning crew to provide a quick response to clean up trash and remove graffiti has been of huge benefit and will continue.

“We also aim to work for the area to be green and sustainable, and there are many strategies that speak of environmental sustainability in the city going forward.

“Ultimately, it will contribute to biodiversity, to air quality and to make a difference to people’s health and it will also make an aesthetic difference. “

Mr Corr said respondents to a previous survey identified an increase in attendance, championing the arts and culture as well as the nightlife economy and that these were included in the business plan area titled Promote and animate.

“The Cathedral Quarter is known as the heart of the city’s hospitality and that’s very important. We have 75 cruise ships coming to the city this year and we want to attract as many of these businesses as possible to CQ, ”he said.

“We want to make sure that those who are marketing, that CQ is up to the things to do, to absolutely visit, to do. For this to work, we can’t just live on the glories of the past, ”he said. As such, we will continue to work closely with the arts and culture sector. “

The head of Destination CQ said they were also committed to Smithfield and Union. “Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with a few LGBT bars in the area to create an outdoor dining space,” Corr explained.

“With the agreement and in partnership with all the businesses on Union Street, we have made the road pedestrian and we look forward to working with the businesses to make it a destination area.

Mr Corr said the business plan has been distributed to all taxpayers and is available to all stakeholders who want to see the plans to build on the success.

“We believe Cathedral Quarter can continue to grow, we can support businesses and we can speak up for them,” he said.

“All over the world, the challenge has been to deal with Covid-19, and we applaud the work of the NHS. Now we have to work with everyone in the Cathedral Quarter on the recovery. Our business plan is our road map to recovery.

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