The name of the game is growth. Growth is essential for any business trying to succeed in today’s world. However, finding new ways to grow is the tricky part. With competition stiff and knowledge more robust than ever, everyone is looking for the special sauce that helps their business grow.

As discovered in a recent CXA Impact Report, customer experience automation (CXA) is that special sauce that every business needs. Here, we’ll walk you through the numbers behind CXA, how it helps businesses, and how you can scale using automations.

What is CXA and why is it important?

CXA accelerates business growth with automated, one-to-one communications that connect across all channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. In other words, CXA guides you through your customer journey in a way that simplifies the process for you and your customers.

Simply put, CXA helps you grow your business. We’ll get to stats in a moment, but the time saved by using CXA allows you to focus your energy and efforts on other pressing matters.

The numbers behind automations

In the first-ever CXA Impact Survey, ActiveCampaign reached out to top performing customers around the world to understand the actual dollars earned and measurable business ROI from using CXA. The finding was that companies that leverage CXA achieve incredible results compared to industry averages.

In the survey of 44% of business-to-business (B2C), 39% of business-to-business (B2B) and 16% of e-commerce businesses, the primary focus was to see if businesses would grow once launched. using CXA. The numbers were staggering.

A key takeaway from the survey is that companies of all sizes and across multiple industries that use CXA to engage with their customers expect 100% revenue growth in 2022, compared to an average of 3.5% for others. businesses. This statistic goes hand in hand with the finding that 44% of users say they now spend more time actually talking with customers due to the time saved from automations.

The simple truth is that when you have more time to talk to your customers, you are able to connect better with those customers. More personal relationships lead to more business, which in turn contributes to business growth.

How to use automations to scale your business

The numbers don’t lie, automations help you scale your business. Now that we’ve established that, it’s time to figure out how to best use CXA to scale your own business.

95% of growing businesses said automations helped them achieve what they couldn’t do on their own. So if you join those 95%, CXA can help take the heavy lifting off your shoulders while you spend more time working on your business and more importantly working one-on-one with your clients.

This process allows you to work on growing your business in the way that works best for you. The entire process is customizable, and you have the flexibility to maneuver the automations to work best for you and your business.

Choose the automations that work best for you, focus on engaging with your customers, and watch your business truly grow.

Overall, automations are essential to use to help your business grow. The stats show it, the time you can save shows it, and who doesn’t want a helping hand in achieving their business goals?

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