There are many types of businesses out there. Your business may be in the service industry, providing services to other businesses, or in the manufacturing industry, making parts and creating things for other businesses. Maybe you sell products to the general public, from new cars to custom board games?

No matter what your business does or is involved with, you will need to do some marketing in order to gain new customers or new customers that will keep your business going for the long haul. That’s why you need to bring in a professional content creation team to work with you.

What is content creation?

Content creation is an umbrella term that describes creative marketing assets such as videos, photography, copywriting, and even social media management. All businesses, regardless of size, will need to invest in some sort of marketing to keep operating, and a professional content creation team will know how to create the best content assets to show your business to new and potential customers. customers in the best way.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about creating content for a business, especially how to stay compliant and within the law. If you’re new to this and aren’t sure exactly what that means, Ziflow’s Guide to Marketing Compliance is a great place to start to learn. Obeying the law and creating content that presents your business accurately and without misleading your audience will help you develop stronger connections with your audience and build trust in your industry.

Are content creation and marketing the same thing?

For business owners who have absolutely no clue about marketing or anything creative, it’s easy to confuse content creation and marketing as the same thing. In reality, the two are slightly different.

Most content creators will have a feel for marketing and digital marketing trends. This is because they’ll work closely with marketers to create content that’s right for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing the same job.

Marketers have a specific role in the business to market the business or product to the right target audience, and this can be a pretty scientific task with deep knowledge of the data, but a content creator will be the person. who creates the content (this could be photography, videos, blogs, etc.) to support the marketing campaign.

A good investment for small businesses

Many content creators that you hire as a freelance writer for your business will actually have some knowledge of marketing and campaign management, which means you may be able to hire a hybrid content creator and a marketing freelance writer.

If you happen to find a content creator who is also excellent at marketing or a marketer who is also excellent at creating content, then this could be incredibly good for small businesses, and it can save you a little money. long-term fortune.

Being able to hire freelancers who can cover two very similar roles simultaneously, in this case delivering marketing campaigns and creating the content for those campaigns, is an asset for small businesses and will be a good financial investment in the future of your business. .

Find new audiences

Content creators and marketers are great at directing campaigns and campaign assets to specific audiences, especially if your product is specialized enough, but what happens when you want to reach a larger audience. and new?

This is where a marketing team will be more beneficial than a simple content creation team, as a marketing team will have a better idea of ​​how to create marketing campaigns that reach a wider audience and new people for your business. product or service.

Your marketing team may suggest starting a campaign on a new social network, like TikTok, for example, and they will then call on the content creators to make the content for the marketing campaign, for example, very short videos for TikTok.

This is just another example of how marketers and content creation professionals work closely together.

Focus on your brand

If there’s one thing small businesses aren’t usually as strong as they could be, it’s staying consistent with branding when creating visual assets. Many small businesses will try to overcompensate for their lack of graphic design knowledge and social media skills by creating garish graphics that don’t say what their business is or look like something that came from their business. .

This is one area where a content creation team can really benefit a small business because they’ll figure out how to stick to brand guidelines, or maybe create them if there aren’t any, and how to promote your business in a visually consistent manner. in order to keep your audience aside.

Stay up to date and stay relevant

The content creation team will be able to set your brand apart from other brands and will be able to promote your business in a way that highlights your unique selling point and puts you in front of your new audiences as your service. marketing found.

By working hand in hand with your marketing department, your content creation team will be able to create up-to-date and relevant content. Relevance is key when it comes to creating content that converts, as is finding the right audience to target.

There is no point in creating fantastic content aimed at an audience that will never be interested in your product, such as skateboard decals for senior retirees, but your content creation team and your marketing team working together will understand these. challenges and will be able to overcome those challenges by creating content and creating campaigns that keep your business relevant in the eyes of your audience.

The key to most good campaigns, from a content creation perspective, is to sell with subtlety, and this is something that a professional content creation team will be able to handle much better than you can. as a business owner trying to give it a go if not. your area of ​​work.

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