Trying to figure out the best way for your small business to communicate effectively is complicated, and honestly, it’s more than a little boring too. Sure, you know you need to improve the way your team members can talk to each other and make it easier to handle business calls and texts, but that’s not the most exciting part of running your business. This is why you should use RingCentral – it’s simple to set up and very efficient so that you can spend less time understanding your communication system and more time living your dream through your small business. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about RingCentral and why it’s one of the best VoIP services out there.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral presents itself as a all-in-one business communication service. It sounds intimidating and looks like something a small business might not need, but rest assured it will help you a lot.

Basically, this means that there are a number of ways you can use the service to send messages to your team. You can text messages, share files, organize tasks together, and then join a video call whenever you need that more personal touch between your coworkers. In addition to all this, you can handle business phone calls, voicemail messages, faxes, and text messages. The idea is that having all of these options in one place means you can work more efficiently and without the stress of having to juggle multiple different apps or services. Everything is easily set up with a centralized administration panel, which means it only takes a few minutes to get started, no matter where you (or the rest of your team) are. What more could you want?

Team messaging

Whether your team is working remotely and need to communicate effectively, or you just don’t want to be constantly moving around the office, you need good team messaging services. Fortunately, RingCentral is a snap here. This makes it easy to set up discussion threads dedicated to particular projects and topics so that you can separate discussions about the new company logo from discussions about water chillers and vice versa. It’s also possible to easily send files through team messaging or connect to tools like Google Workspace for additional functionality.

For those times when you need to invite a customer, you can easily invite anyone to join the conversations that matter too, making it easy to discuss big issues remotely. That moment when you would prefer to see each other face to face? It’s just a click away with the ability to share your screen just as convenient. It’s perfect for anyone, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.


As we said, video calls are easy to reach with RingCentral. Available with a single click, you can easily get in or out of a call for those key moments when you could do with more than just text on a screen. Best of all, not all attendees need to download an app. Instead, they can join a meeting right from their browser, seamlessly streamlining the process.

HD audio and video are part of the RingCentral experience, and you can easily switch between your favorite devices in a meeting so you’re never tied to the device you picked up the call on first. If you are concerned about security issues, don’t be. Any meeting can be password protected so that you always have control over who can attend and when.

It’s so simple you’ll wonder how you survived without the straightforward nature of RingCentral.


While video calls are all the rage these days, sometimes it’s easier to take a simple phone call. This is where RingCentral’s Business Phone System can help. It is possible to set up a work phone number that moves between all your devices so that you never get stuck with a lonely device taking care of everything. Calls are all taken in HD audio so the sound is crystal clear at all times. Plus, for those times when you’re busy, you can quickly route incoming calls to a live operator or virtual receptionist so no potential customers feel ignored just because you’re busy right now.

Setup is easy with the ability to create a new number or transfer existing numbers to your RingCentral account and you can easily set up business hours, personalized greetings, etc. It’s as easy as using your regular phone number, but with advanced features that give you a lot more control. There’s no learning curve here – just plenty of ways to save yourself time and make your business look more professional.

So this is it. Now you know what a RingCentral Swiss Army Knife is and how beneficial it can be for your business. RingCentral knows it too, which is why it offers all new customers a free 30-day trial to try its all-in-one communications suite at no cost. You can start messaging your team, join a quick video call, or set up a business number that goes with you anywhere, so you can stay in touch at home, in the office, and on the go.

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